Valentine week list 2019

Valentine week list 2019 List of days in Valentine’s week

Valentine week list 2019

Below is the complete list of Valentine week 2019 from February 7 to
February 14. Here’s the details of each day of Valentine week 2019.

Valentine Week List 2019 February 7 – Rose day

Rose day (7th February) marks the beginning of the love week. On this day you are free to buy as many roses as your pocket can permit you, and present those to your loved ones. This day started as the celebration of Valentine’s week around the world. Roses are sold as fast as hot buns. This day shared the notion of love, where you can propose to your love by offering him or her red rose or roses.

Valentine Week List 2019 February 8 – Propose day

Propose Day is an unofficial holiday celebrated on February 8 in India, Nepal and Bangladesh. On this day, large numbers of youngsters give roses to propose their girlfriend or boyfriend.

Valentine Week List 2019 February 9 – Chocolate day

Chocolate day celebrated on February 9th is a part of the countdown to the Valentine’s Day. The 3rd day of Valentine’s week is celebrated as Chocolate Day.

Valentine Week List 2019 February 10 – Teddy day

The teddy bear day is celebrated with full fervor on 10th Feb, with half excitement still continued for the days still to come.  Before Happy Teddy Day there fall sweet Chocolate Day. Teddy is a soft toy one gives to his/her better half symbolizing the love they have for each other. A teddy is believed to give an impression of each other’s presence when they are not together and crave for each other’s company. The softness in a toy equals the calmness and poise a relation should always possess for a long-term commitment. The softer and larger a teddy is, the more empowering is the impact a teddy provides to the one who yearns for his partner’s presence.

Valentine Week List 2019 February 11 – Promise day

This day has its own importance as one gets the sense of security by receiving lots of promises and commitments from one’s partner. Make some new promises and try to fulfill old ones to concrete your relationship. “Promise little and do much.

Valentine Week List 2019 February 12 – Hug day

A warm and tight hug can express your support, love and care for you partner. So, give a tight Jaadu Ki Jhappi to your love on Hug Day on 12th February.Now Its Hug Day, Send a warm hug to your friends and wish them Hug Day. Hug your partner or friend (girl/boy) tightly. Hugs are an important expression of affection. Just take it slow and steady and show your partner that how much you love, care and support him/her.

Valentine Week List 2019 February 13 – Kiss day

Ummaahh.. Its a Kiss Day, when there is the shortest distance between partners. On 13th February, kiss your partner for a long and if you don’t know how to kiss then watch out any Emraan Hashmi’s movie. On Kiss Day, kiss your girl or boy friend to express your love. A kiss is the shortest distance between two and A kiss is something you cannot give without taking and cannot take without giving. But don’t forget to eat some mouth freshener!

Valentine Week List 2019 February 14 – Valentine day

Here comes the most awaited day of Valentine week The Valentine’s Day. Each year on February 14th, many people exchange cards, candy, gifts or flowers with their special “valentine.” The day of romance we call Valentine’s Day is named for a Christian martyr and dates back to the 5th century, but has origins in the Roman holiday Lupercalia.

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