Dhani ji Banta Wale in Jammu

The famous 100 year old Banta Shop in Jammu

Don’t know what the perfect word to address that personality; he is an enthusiast, culture promoter and an entrepreneur who build a legacy which is more than 100 years old. If you are a local being of Jammu then we are damn sure that once in a lifetime you definitely visited there but there are many unexplored facts you still don’t know about Dhani Ji Banta Wale.

First don’t get confused by the name. We are talking about the famous Banta wala (lime soda) in Patel bazaar city, Jammu.

Top 10 things you don’t know about Dhani Ji Banta Wale

  • This shop is more than 100 years old and is named after the founder Dhani Ji.
  • Dhani Ji in their initial time also sold Tea, Pan and cigarettes but Stopped keeping in mind the comfort for everyone.
  • They have their own manufacturing unit of lime soda bottles which they do not supply outside anywhere and they don’t even accept any catering order.
  • Sheikh Mohammed Abdullah 4th CM of J&K also known by the name “Sher-e-Kashmir” used to have soda drinks here at this table (Image mentioned above/below) before his tenure as a Chief Minister.
  • Earlier people used to come here after the last show of KC Cineplex at midnight 1 O clock to have drinks.
  • Soon the 4th generation is going to handle the business as the two sons of Dhani Ji did after his death. Now Ganesh (3rd Generation) the son of Ashok Kumar (Ex-Corporator, NC) manages the whole shop. His 5 year old son Devyansh mostly visits there in the evening.
  • They started selling an extra snack “Kaladi Kulcha” to their Customers. During winters and monsoon season they also sell tea along with buns.
  • If you worrying about pricing then you can wipe your sweat out because their lime soda will not cost you more than 15 rupees per servings (price confirmed in July 2016).
  • They daily serve more than 250 happy customers.
  • This one is always in your mind that “how much Dhani Ji Banta Wale is making”? Well no one can claim the exact figures but according to our predictions their monthly revenue is around 1 to 1.5 lacs.

Photos of Dhani Ji Banta Wale in Patil Bazar:

Below is the gallery:

  • The kaladi kulcha wala

How to get there or Location of Dhani Ji Banta wale?

The shop of Dhani Ji Banta Wale is in Patel bazaar, Jammu. The place is heavily crowded so it’s not easy for freshmen to be there but their shop is in Fattu Choughan (Don’t laugh it’s a place) and is right opposite to a temple. If you lost then doesn’t worry ask anyone for the famous Banta wali shop and you will be there.

Our Verdict

One of the best things about this 100 year old Banta shop is that they really love their work. They actually want to serve others and they often give away free drinks to school children during summer days. Apart from making money they want to continue the legacy which was built back 100 years ago.

We will suggest you to visit there at least once in your life and if you already did don’t forget to share this with others. We would love to hear from you what you have experienced there and till then stay tuned!

Happy Travelling!

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