KC PVR Jammu Phone Number, Contact number, Calling Number

PVR In Jammu: Jammu Got Its First PVR Theatre

PVR In Jammu: Jammu Got Its Firts PVR Theatre

PVR In Jammu: Jammu will soon getting its first PVR which is KC PVR. It will be the first PVR in jammu as jammu don’t have any PVR theatre. The experience of PVR is tremendous. People love watching movies in PVR because its quality is superb. PVR in jammu will be a blessing to all the movie lovers in jammu.

PVR Cinemas is a film entertainment company in India. The company, which began as a joint venture agreement between Priya Exhibitors Private Limited and Village Roadshow Limited in 1995 with 60:40 ratio, began its commercial operations in June 1997.

KC PVR In Jammu Location:

KC PVR Address:B.C Road Bakshi Nagar Flyover Jammu Jammu and Kashmir, 180001.

KC PVR In Jammu Phone Number or Contact Number:

. 094191 85117

KC PVR In Jammu Show Timings:

KC PVR Show Timing:: Audi 01 01:> 09:40 Am 02:> 12:40 Pm 03:> 03:40 Pm 04:> 06:40 Pm 05:> 09:40 Pm Audi 02 01:> 10:30 Am 02:> 01:30 Pm 03:> 04:30 Pm 04:> 07:30 Pm 05:> 10:30 Pm.

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