Do You Know About Mini Pakistan In Jammu

Do You Know About Mini Pakistan In Jammu?

Do You Know About Mini Pakistan In Jammu?

Do you know there is a place in Jammu, it’s commonly known as the Mini Pakistan of Jammu & Kashmir (J&k) because of the majority of the rising Muslim community growing there.

You will hardly find this subject on any social media page or any news website. So finally the place we are talking about is ”BATHINDI” aka ”MINI PAKISTAN

Why people call Bathindi the Mini Pakistan of Jammu & Kashmir is because of the certain events which happened in the last couple of months:

  • After the Pulwama Attack, like every year the refugees (Musafirs) from Kashmir came to Jammu for their new home & shelter but everybody from around refused them any kind of help so they ended up living in Bathindi where the majority people (Muslims) have Musafir ghar only for Muslims and it’s just like Pakistan. “This is what local people are calling it”.
  • Every year people from all around Kashmir come to Jammu as refugees aka musafir to Jammu and ofcourse they don’t have any piece of land or any accommodation in Jammu so they illegally force and acquire or rents some piece of land in or near Bathindi and make some kind of living arrangements there.
  • The ambiance of all the local dhabas and restaurants in Bathindi are not like any other restaurants you will in Jammu, they only serve halal meat.
  • During the Pulwama Attack any possible road from where you can leave from Bathindi was highly guarded and watched. Any person could not go in or come out from Bathindi during those curfew days.

There are also few places in Jammu where you will find that the majority of people living there are muslims and they probably and do have the same things that the people in Bathindi have but because of the things we just discussed. People call Bathindi the Mini Pakistan of Jammu & Kashmir.

We would also like to state that people living in any place we may have mentioned are living in peace.

Note: This is just an opinion/local topic/local agenda, this article only states some facts about what people are saying and we are not trying to anyone’s feeling or pointing fingers on any religion.

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