Mansar lake: The Fresh Water Lake

Mansar lake: The Fresh Water Lake

Mansar lake: The Fresh Water Lake

Jammu has many beautiful tourist places in which mansar is one of then.It is a holy site as well, sharing the legend of the Lake Mansarovar.It is amile long and half-a-mile wide and is laced with hills immerse in forest.The J&k government has invested a good number of resources to maintain this place.

Tourist can also enjoy the variety of seasonals fishes,tortoise and birds of different types which are regular habitants of the lake.There are gorgeous walkways made for the peoples with great illumination techniques.The tourist could apperciate the boons of nature.

History of Mansar Lake

The history of mansar lake linked with the Mahabharat.It include that the son of  Arjun and the daughter of King Nag whose name was Ulpi,named Babar Vahan, was the ruler of this region during the time of Mahabharat.It was the war,that Arjun who proved his superiority and mettle over this land by performing the Ashwamegh Yagya.A horse was the power symbol of Yagya was captured by Babar Vahan at village Khoon nearby village Ramkot on Dhar road in Udhampur where later Arjun was murdered by Babar Vahan.After victory Babar Vahan wanted to divide his success with his mother and presented the head of Arjun to her.

After knowing the fact that Arjun was Babar’s father, he wanted to bring Arjun back to life for which he had to acquire the Mani from Sheshnag. It was then Babar Vahan made a tunnel with his arrow, which was called the Surangsar. After defeating Sheshnag and capturing the Mani, he came out at Manisar  which is known as Mansar now.

Location of Mansar Lake in Jammu

The Mansar Lake is about 20km from National Highway No.1A. Road to Mansar Lake starts from just near Samba on NH 1A road.There is a shortcut road from Mansarovar or Samba to Udhampur by-pass the Jammu town.

For direction of Mansar Lake in Jammu map is below:

Photos of Mansar lake in Jammu:

Below is the Gallary of Mansar Lake in Jammu:

  • Mansar lake: The Fresh Water Lake

Mansar Lake Activities:

  • Boating
  • Gaming
  • Electric and Non Electric Rides for Kids

Timings :

All days of the week

7:00 AM – 5:00PM

Our Verdicts:If you like visiting religious and historical place , then you must visit here.This place have so much from religious to food to boating to enjoy.You can find there fresh water lake where you can enjoy with your friends, family members etc.

Happy Travelling!

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